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How to Choose the Right Balloon Arch for Your Event

Balloon arches are a classic for a reason! They create fabulous entrances, beautifully frame a speaker or other focal point, and invite photos. But how do you decide what size balloon arch you need? Read on to learn when and where to use small, medium and large balloon arches at your DMV event!


A small balloon arch is approximately 8' high and 10' wide. It's the right size arch to put over a small walkway or path, to frame a standard registration table, or provide a photo spot for a small party.

Astronaut Birthday Balloon Arch | Balloon Zoom | DC | DMV
Small Space Balloon Arch | Balloon Zoom Photo by Malek Naz

Small Outdoor Birthday Balloon Arch | Balloon Zoom | MD | DC | VA
Small Outdoor Birthday Balloon Arch


At 10' high and 12' wide, a medium arch is the right size to frame ballroom doors, create a photo spot for a team of coworkers at a corporate event, or decorate a stage. It's our most popular arch!

Medium Balloon Arch for Government Event | Balloon Zoom | DMV | DC | VA | MD
Classic Balloon Arch for a Federal Government Event in the DMV | Balloon Zoom

Medium Balloon Arch for University Events | Balloon Zoom | DMV DC MD VA
Medium Balloon Arch for University of Maryland Event | Balloon Zoom | MD


Soaring ceilings and large spaces, like one of Amazon's warehouses, or the Washington Convention Center, call for a large or extra large arch, which start at 11'h and 16'w.

Balloon Decor Colors for Balloon Decorations in in Maryland and the DMV

Need more help making a decision? Flip through our Classic Balloon Arches catalog for inspiration, then Contact Us to plan balloon decorations for your corporate or university event, Washington DC Mitzvah or other celebration in Maryland, DC or Virginia.


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