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Choosing Your Balloon Decor: Three Steps to a Perfect Event

Where do you start when planning the balloon decor for your DMV event? Break your party planning into these three steps to make choosing your balloon decorations easy!

Shimmer Wall | Balloon Zoom | DC | MD | VA
Shimmer Wall | Balloon Zoom | DC


Color ties everything together! If you already have a palette, start there. Not sure how to create a palette? You can choose colors for your balloon decor based on a party theme, your brand colors, the season, or even the colors of your event space. Need some help? Look at the balloon color chart and color inspiration in our Party Palettes catalog.


Think about how and where you'll be using balloons at your event. Want to create a fabulous entrance? A balloon column or balloon arch is the perfect choice. Looking to add color and motion to an entire room? Put balloon centerpieces on every table. Imagining a dazzling photo spot or selfie station for your event? Add a shimmer wall or balloon wall to your balloon decor list. Read 'Five Ways to Use Balloon Decor' to help you think about where balloon decorations will work best, and look through our catalogs for additional ideas.

Themed Bat Mitzvah Balloon Decor and Balloon Decorations | Balloon Zoom | DC and the DMV
Balloon Arch Entrance Decor | Balloon Zoom | DC | MD | VA


Use branded balloons or custom balloons to make your balloon decor yours. Add your company's logo or tagline atop balloon columns. Put your University's name or motto on a balloon wall. Highlight your son's or daughter's Mitzvah logo on their centerpieces. The possibilities are endless!

Corporate Event Balloon Decor | Balloon Zoom | DC
Branded Balloons for Corporate Events | DC | MD | VA

Need more help choosing the right combination of balloon arches, balloon columns, centerpieces or other balloon decor for your Washington DC or DMV party? Send us a few photos of your event space when you contact us, and we'll be happy to make suggestions!


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