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Branded Balloons and Bespoke Balloons

Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Ask Balloon Zoom to add your logo, company name, words, phrases or dates to foil and latex balloons, or confetti balloons filled with tissue paper or metallic confetti!

Choose our stunning, handmade confetti balloons, also known as "bespoke balloons" to tell someone you love them, wish them a happy birthday, or ask them to marry you! They're pop-resistant, and can be filled with helium and added to any balloon bouquet.  Air-filled, these confetti balloons can be incorporated into other balloon decor, including balloon columns, balloon arches, and balloon walls.  
Or add traditional foil or latex branded balloons to your balloon decor. Incorporating branded balloons, confetti balloons or bespoke balloons to balloon walls transform them into social media spots that put your company's name and logo in every shot! 

**PLEASE NOTE that helium or bespoke balloons are add-ons to larger decor orders.  we do NOT deliver single bespoke balloons or helium-only orders** 

Custom Logo Balloons _ DC _ Balloon Zoom

Our branded balloons make corporate events more fun!

Bespoke Balloons | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

These stunning confetti balloons were designed for an engagement party in Washington DC. They make beautiful table centerpieces.

Corporate Branded Balloons | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

Who says corporate events have to be boring? Inject some fun into your Washington DC event with our branded balloons.

Bat Mitzvah Balloons | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

These custom balloon bouquets decorated tables at a Washington DC Bat Mitzvah. The Bespoke Balloon was adorned with the guest-of-honor's logo.

Branded Balloon Walls | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

Branded balloons transform an organic balloon wall into the perfect balloon decor for any corporate event. We deliver and install balloon walls in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Confetti Balloons | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

You can say anything with one of our custom confetti balloons or "bespoke" balloons! We can include these beautiful balloons in any balloon decor order for Washington, DC, Virginia or Maryland.

Custom Balloons | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

Balloon Zoom designed this custom balloon bouquet as part of a balloon decor order for a corporate event in Washington DC.

Confetti Balloons | Washington DC | Balloon Zoom

Say "Happy Birthday" in a way she'll never forget! Our custom confetti and bespoke balloons transform a balloon bouquet into a lasting memory. We deliver in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia!

Custom Confetti Balloons _ DC

Your words, made better! Our custom confetti balloons are hand-filled with confetti and individually customized, and can be added to all balloon decor orders in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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