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FAQs: Does Balloon Zoom Have Matte Balloons?

Classic Outdoor Balloon Arch | Balloon Zoom | DC | MD | VA

Clients often ask if we have the “matte“ balloons they saw on Pinterest or Instagram. And the answer is yes . . . and no.

The truth is, all balloons, even balloons with “matte“ in their names, such as Pastel Matte Pink (one of our favorites for baby showers!), blow up shiny. Balloons lose their shine only when they oxidize, which happens when balloon decor is put outside (like the balloon arch, above), exposed to sun and humidity (even indoors), or simply gets old.

The good news is, if you love the matte look, your outdoor balloon decor will take on the soft, velvety appearance of a 'matte' balloon rather quickly. On a hot DC summer day, balloon decorations placed outside can lose their shine before we finish installing them.

Need help choosing the right colors to make the balloon decor for your DC party stand out? Flip through our Party Palettes catalog and other balloon decor catalogs for inspiration, then Contact Us to plan your event!


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