Building Your Company Online: Three Easy Steps

Balloon Artists in Washington DC

Quick: Enter "balloon animals Washington DC" into Google search. What pops up on the right side of your computer screen? Does the screenshot on the left look familiar?

The business world can (and does) discriminate against young business owners. With few exceptions, for example, kids cannot get bank loans. We cannot even crowdfund! Kickstarter's rules require every project to be run by someone over the age of eighteen.

But happily, as you can see, the internet does not discriminate based on age. On the web, a kid-owned business can easily come out on top. Go back and look at your search page. Balloon Zoom has result after result, all on the first page, beginning with the first mention in "Best Balloon Twisting in Washington, DC - Yelp."

Most of our adult-owned competition is found on the second page of results. Some of our competitors have even purchased ads. You can see the little green "AD" beside their listings.

Luckily, you don't need to pay for advertising, or hire anyone to get your business featured on the right side of anyone's computer screen. You only need patience.

Here's our three-step method for climbing to the top of the search page.