Looking Like a Professional on a Kid-Sized Budget: Get Started for $16!

If you have read all the posts on the Balloon Zoom blog, you will have already learned a couple of the things we're going to talk about today. Anna mentioned business cards in Lessons from the Lemonade War: Advertising, for example, and Noor covered how to get a business telephone number in Get a Kid-Friendly (Free!) Business Phone.

But there is a lot more to cover, and we thought it would be best to put everything in one handy post. So, without further ago, this is our go-to list for setting up your business, whether you have only $16 (yes,that will get you started!), or can afford to pay $175.


We cannot overstate the importance of a having a business card. They are, without a doubt, a young entrepreneur's best friend. Why? Handing an adult your business card changes the conversation. Always. A business card elevates you from "cute kid" to "business owner." It shows that you are serious.

We got our cards from Vistaprint, which is almost always running a sale. If you can wait for a sale, you can often get 250-500 full color business cards (with a blank back side) for as little as $10, plus shipping. (If you search for "business card sale Vistaprint" on the internet, I bet you'll find that there's a sale now.)