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Investing in Yourself: Continuing Education

Noor of Balloon Zoom

Last year, Balloon Zoom sent Anna, who designs many of the company's original balloon designs, to a three-day convention to learn the latest balloon twisting and decor tricks. Anna, who was 13 at the time, was the youngest conference attendee at the Kapital Kidvention.

She came home brimming with ideas that she never would have had but for her willingness to learn from other professionals. So, this year, we made the decision to invest in the company three times over: Despite the hefty price tag (there are, unfortunately, no "kid" discounts at professional conventions), Anna, Leila and Noor all went to the Kidvention.

This time, Noor, at 10, was the youngest professional balloon twister to ever attend the conference. But it didn't get in her way: By day three, Noor had created her first original balloon designs, and other balloon twisters were asking permission to take photos, so they could use her ideas for their businesses.

Why are we telling you this? Because we want kids to know that age is no barrier to attending a conference. If you are open, enthusiastic and professional, you will be met with open enthusiasm by professionals who are also there to learn. You can contribute.

And, if you're lucky, you can also make new friends. We met a wonderful woman at the Kapital Kidvention who has been twisting for decades. Marsha Gallagher made the crazy balloon rocket in the photo accompanying this post, but was in need of a model for her photo shoot. Noor stepped in, and now she has this wonderful souvenir of her first conference, and Balloon Zoom has someone to go to for business advice.

There is a conference for almost anything you can think of. (There is, for example, a four-day knitting conference in Charleston, SC, this July . . . ) Do some research! Look for a class! Put yourself out there! You and your business will both grow from the experience. We promise you.

PHOTO: Michael Messing | BALLOONS: Marsha Gallagher


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