Lessons from The Lemonade War: Advertising

Believe it or not, one of the best how-to books written for kids who want to start a business is not a how-to book. It's a novel! The Lemonade War, by Jaqueline Davies, follows brother and sister Evan and Jessie as they compete to earn the most lemonade money in the last days of summer. It's a fun read, and we highly recommend it, even for kids without business on their minds.​

For kids who do want to start a business, The Lemonade War is a great source of information. Author Jacqueline Davies begins each chapter with the definition of a business term or concept. In this series of blog posts, we'll tell you how we've used lessons from The Lemonade War in our business ventures. We'll also tell you what worked, and what didn't.

In The Lemonade War, Evan and Jessie's first major competition was attracting customers to their lemonade stands. How did they do this? They advertised!

Jessie and Evan each made posters, but Jessie's poster (below left) is much different than her brother's (below right):