Giving Back

One of the reasons I like owning my own business is because it's very satisfying to do things for other people. Yes, a business is about making money. But it can be a lot more.

Last year, Balloon Zoom did two huge charity events: One for Heifer International, an organization that gives needy families animals that are used for both food and for money; and one for Janney Elementary School. In the end, we were able to buy a goat, chickens, ducks, and goslings through Heifer International. We also gave Janney more than $400 for the fifth grade's big end-of-the-year field trip.

Without Balloon Zoom, we woudn't have been able to give in such a big way. (Before we had Balloon Zoom, the most we could do was buy a single flock of chickens!) It was really important to us to give to Heifer families because the animals we bought could change those families' lives in big ways. And it was important for us to give to Janney because Anna, Noor and I were all part of the Janney community last year. (Anna has now moved on to middle school.)

I strongly encourage other kids starting businesses to give back to their communities as well. The lip gloss I bought with my first Balloon Zoom salary is gone. But the satisfaction I got from giving will never disappear.