Being Your Own Boss

​I am going to be honest. Running a business is hard. I have given up a lot of Saturdays, Sundays and other free time for Balloon Zoom. A lot.

But I like being my own boss. Why? In the real world, we kids do not have many choices. We have to go to school. We have to do our homework. We have to eat our vegetables. We have to drink our milk. We have to go to bed when it's . . . bedtime. Who says? The grownups say. (They even say what time bedtime is!) Guess who makes the rules for my business? I do! My sisters and I named our company, decided what we wanted to do, talked about how to find customers, how much to charge, and (my favorite part!) when and how much to pay ourselves.

That's right: the "Bosses" get paid! And our salary is not tied to our age, or what our parents think we need, or chores.

Let me tell you something: There is nothing better than shopping with your own money.

I think I'm going