Beautiful Balloon Decor and Organic Balloon Installations in Washington D.C. 

Our balloon artists are the answer if you want balloon arches, balloon columns, organic balloon garlands, organic balloon walls and other fabulous balloon decor, from a local and green company. 


Our balloons are made from latex sustainably harvested from rubber trees and biodegrade at about the same rate as an oak leaf!  And because we care about the environment, Balloon Zoom is a member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance, an international organization dedicated to safe balloon practices.  We do not support helium balloon releases, we use air-filled balloons in 99 percent of our balloon decor, and we recycle and reuse our frames wherever possible.

Contact us today to place an order!  We deliver small orders and offer free delivery in Tenleytown and American University Park!*

*Minimum orders and delivery fees apply to other neighborhoods.


Custom Balloon Installations & Organic Balloon Decor

Balloon Cloud Installation

Our Custom Organic Balloon Installations will be the focal point of your event!  Share your vision with us, and let's create something beautiful together!

Cropped Organic Arch Photo copy.jpeg
Floating Bear Balloon Installation

Demi arch

Organic Balloon Ceiling Installation

Photo: Erin Tetterton Photography

Floating Teddy Bear Balloon Installation

Organic Balloon Decor | Washington DC

Organic Balloon Wall


Bubble Strands

Balloon Zoom's balloon columns are an easy and affordable way to make your event special, whether you're celebrating a birthday, a bar or bat mitzvah, or a corporate event. They're also perfect for retail displays. 
Classic balloon columns start at $125. Delivery is free within the Tenleytown / American University Park neighborhoods. Delivery fees and minimum apply to other areas.
Take a look at the rainbow of colors in our balloon palette here.  Then contact us to discuss your ideas!*

Balloon Zoom has a centerpiece for every event style, from  

Mason jars filled with balloon daisies, to formal centerpieces that are designed not to block guests views.  

Email us with your ideas, and let the fun begin!


Our framed, air-filled (green!) balloon arches are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Starting at $350.  

Want something more personal?  Ask us to put together a name arch!  From $250 plus tax.  Prices based on size of arch, number of letters in name, and balloon choices.  Helium arches are suitable for indoor use only. Contact us!
These beautiful, helium balloon arches any indoor space affordably.  We can find a perfect color or print for any occasion, starting at $150 plus tax!* Contact us!
* Please note that overall minimum decor orders must be met.

These stunning, handmade confetti balloons, also known as "bespoke balloons" are customized with your words.

They are pop-resistant, and can be air-filled and used to top balloon columns or table decor.  We can add Bespoke Balloons to any balloon decor order.  


**PLEASE NOTE that we do NOT deliver single bespoke balloons or single helium bouquets outside of Tenleytown/American University Park** 

Our balloon sculptures and bouquets* will make your event Instagram-worthy!  
Decorate with green, no-helium options, such as the monkey or cake, shown, or ask about our traditional helium bouquets.
Free delivery for single sculptures in Tenleytown/American University Park. 
*PLEASE NOTE that we do NOT deliver single helium bouquets outside of Tenleytown/American University Park.**

Mini bouquet with plush specials for Tenleytown/American University Park only, for $49 with free delivery. 

 Delivery charges and minimums apply to other neighborhoods.

Tenleytown Special!

From $49

Bring more customers into your store with Balloon Zoom's custom retail window displays!  Our balloon artists have designed crowd-pleasing retail windows and displays for Lululemon, Target, Gusto Farm to Street, Olivia Macaron, Chase Bank and Ace Hardware.  Prices vary.
Contact us today, and let our balloon artists go to work 
for you.