Adopt A Grandparent

 Be Part of a Movement to Spark Joy

With everything going on in our hometown of Washington, DC, we're feeling the need to spark joy and make people feel loved.


Join us!  Donate a "balloon buddy" (or more!) for only $25 plus tax, and be part of a something good in our backyard.  Our goal is to deliver balloon buddies to senior citizens living in assisted living communities in our neighborhood, one facility at a time.


Our first community is Sunrise Assisted Living on Connecticut Avenue.  We need only 50 buddies to give every Sunrise resident a little encouragement after months of being separated from their loved ones.


Will you join us in the #AdoptAGrandparent campaign?  Want to donate more than six Balloon Buddies?  Email us at and we'll be happy to help you!  


One Balloon Buddy

Two Balloon Buddies


Three Balloon Buddies


Four Balloon Buddies


Five Balloon Buddies


Six Balloon Buddies